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Where does Real Prosperity Come From?

Where does real prosperity come from?

Where does real prosperity come from?

We believe real prosperity comes from our inside out.

From our own natural estate of Being.

As it is inside, so it is outside.

We have been created to thrive naturally. However, many people struggle because they fall apart from their own natural being.

when we are aligned to what we really are, real prosperity arises naturally.

What is Real Prosperity?

Many people see prosperity as the accumulation of material wealth.

And because of this, they focus on getting it putting at risk their own wellness.

Is that real prosperity?

We believe real prosperity is a balance between our inner and outer worlds. It is a balance between our material and spiritual worlds, material wealth and spiritual wealth.

Material Wealth and Spiritual Wealth

We need food, shelter, and other material resources to live in this plane. And we have our own inner and personal strategy to get them. Do you know it?

Following our own inner strategy and inner wisdom we can get material wealth.

We also need to feel joy, satisfaction with what we do, peace inside of ourselves, that we are being recognized, and success, which come from our inside when we move accordingly with who we really are.

When we follow our own inner strategy and wisdom, we can enjoy spiritual wealth.

If we get material wealth compromising our own spirituality, that is not real prosperity.

Why not?

Real prosperity expresses itself through our wellness.

Wellness means alignment to who/what we arephysically, mentally, spiritually, and soul.

We Prosper When We Have Wellness

In fact, we need wellness to thrive. We don’t thrive to get wellness. We prosper because we have wellness.

Have you ever heard people saying “if we don’t have health, we can not do anything”?

That is because real prosperity is very related to who/what we are and to our mission here.

We are designed to move in a specific way in this plane. If we stay in our own track we can have wellness and prosper.

So, real prosperity comes from our inside out.

As it is in your inside, as it is in your outside.

Each human being is designed uniquely. What it is in your inside is different from the rest of humanity.

That also means that what your are going to get from the outside is unique, according to your own design. What it is in your outside is also different from the rest of humanity.

3 Steps to Real Prosperity

Step 1: Aligned to your own Being.

Step 2: Use your Inner Strategy to make decisions and move in life and business

Step 3: Use your Inner Wisdom to take action in life and business

I will go deeper with these steps in a next post.

Are you ready to step toward real prosperity?