SOP Shri Sama

School Of Prosperity Shri Sama has been created with a clear objective:

To provide Knowledge to Prosper™, for personal life and business prosperity.

to individuals who are ready to take the steps towards it.

Our mission:

We are seriously committed to contribute to the prosperity of our community, state and nation by providing Knowledge to Prosper™ to those who seek real prosperity, in life and business.

We do this through our educational services and seminars related to the fields of personal development and business development as well as our educational support services.

We believe that achieving prosperity is our right. Taking the steps towards is our responsibility.

Our philosophy:

We believe that real prosperity comes from our inside out, from our Inner Being in combination with our outer world.

From a holistic vision, we recognize an individual as

  • a unique Being who has its own traits, strengths, and potential to live out and prosper in the material world. And that each human being is different from the others.

We also see individuals from three different perspectives, such as:

  • unique individual
  • member of a group (family, clan, business, community)
  • member of society and/or humanity

We also believe that the way in which the individual develops in each of these three areas according to the authenticity of his/her Being influences his/her own prosperity, that of his family, business or community, and in society in general.

Our pillars:

  1. Awareness of Our Being
  2. Connection with Others
  3. Financial Literacy
  4. Application of Impact Marketing

Our values:

School Of Prosperity Shri Sama moves under the following values:

self-expression, self-respect, self-love
honesty, integrity, kindness and freedom
service to humanity
Our code of ethics is “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Our vision:

To be the leading prosperity center in laying the seeds of a community made up of authentic, free, and prosperous individuals enjoying integral prosperity in their lives and businesses.

Our objectives:

  • Provide Knowledge to Prosper™ to Spanish and English-speaking individuals through our educational services and seminars, both locally and globally.
  • Contribute to the creation of a new society based on authenticity, freedom, self-realization and happiness.

Our invitation:

We invite you to participate in our classes or workshops, interact with us on our social media platforms, as well as to contact us by email or a phone call, if needed.


School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC is a woman-owned private company created in 2011 in New Jersey, USA.